Improving Livestock Rearing

  • Livestock rearing is integral to agriculture, and they provide critical financial security to the small and marginal farmers. Most of the farmers in this region rear Goat and BYP. Both poultry birds and goats have high regeneration potential and thus within a small period of 1-2 years, significant increase in flock/herd size can be attained to earn a substantial income from the intervention, provided that mass mortality is checked and some critical improved rearing practices can be ensured. Normally, with the absence of mechanism to control mass mortality, farmers lack confidence to make further investments on livestock rearing activity on a business scale, and thus leave them to grow on their own at a sub-optimal level.
  • APC Project plans to take both small ruminants (primarily goat) and indigenous birds (primarily indigenous poultry birds) in an integrated manner with establishment of services to ensure timely vaccination, de-worming and first aid services on a large scale along with ensuring improved rearing practices by women in rural poverty pockets. Critical intervention points are as below:
  • Service system establishment for preventive as well as curative disease control such as vaccination, de-worming, medication etc. by an entrepreneur called Community Animal Health Worker (CAHW).
  • Proper night shelter which helps ventilation, reduces disease and for
    BYP it helps in proper hatching and protection from predation
  • Improving local breed of BYP and Goat through proper selection and practices
  • Improved rearing practices such as supplementary feeding and care
  • It is experienced that a sample family can earn around Rs.20, 000 from this intervention over a period of 3 years with the above interventions
  • Here also Producers’ group of livestock rearing will be promoted as per the OLM guideline.