Implementation Strategy

The programme is for a period five years, where intensive support will be for provided for four years and last year is the phase for consolidation.

Each PG selects 2-3 crops considering market attractiveness, small holder suitability and agro ecological compatibility of crops. As a sustainable measure non-pesticide management (NPM) practices is promoted in 40% of the total croplands.

To substantiate the livelihoods of the farmers, livestock (Goat, Sheep and Back Yard Poultry) rearing is also planned with around 54,750 families in these clusters.

Around 1410 markets linked Agri-Entrepreneurs are being groomed and nested as value chain enables. In these regions market routes and actors around identified commodities will be developed.

Livelihood assets like irrigation in 29, 200 acres, orchard development in 14, 600 acres, farm mechanization access to 1, 53, 300 farmers and shed for Goat and Backyard poultry for 54,750 farmers will be converged from existing schemes to intensify the interventions.

This is a collaborative project among Dept. of Horticulture, Mission Shakti, OLM, DMF, BRLF and PRADAN. Donors are providing support for partner NGOs to work with Block, District and State administration. PRADAN as nodal agency coordinates with partner NGOs, develop implementation modalities and support dept. in design, implementation and overall monitoring of the project.