Agriculture Production Cluster (APC)

Even though women contribute 47% of labour forces in agriculture, there is a need to increase their active involvement in various programmes of the state. To address this dichotomy Government of Odisha initiated a special programme, Agriculture production Cluster (APC) project to double the income of one-lakh women farmers by collectivizing them into Producer Groups and Producer Companies. The women farmers will select climate resilient crops (Winner Crops) having high market demand, small holder suitability and agro climatic compatibility and practice synchronized production. The project aims to address the issues of vulnerable families by promoting livestock rearing. This are being supported by creation of livelihood support infrastructures like irrigation, plantation, post harvest management structures and Goat and Backyard poultry sheds. The project also aims to reduce migration of youth by nurturing agriculture entrepreneurs who will provide door step services and support the farm-market ecosystem. To achieve sustainable and significant income in a scale, the project focuses to converge required factor conditions in a cluster mode through multi-stakeholder partnership.

Promotion of Agriculture Production Cluster (APC) in Tribal Regions of Odisha is a collaborative effort by Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment, Department of Panchayatiraj & Drinking Water, Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation (BRLF) and Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN). The project aims to create sustainable livelihoods for the poor, tribal and other vulnerable households in 40 selected blocks of 12 highland districts through various farm based and livestock rearing interventions. Sustainable and productive livelihood assets will also be created through converging relevant schemes from departments, with an aim to secure livelihoods of one lakh small and marginal farmers in the project areas. Thus, emphasis on farmers skill development on package of crop practices, farm mechanization, creation of irrigation infrastructure, storage system and creation of marketing system at the local level are key highlights of the project.

  • APC aims to trigger growth in farm sector with the objective of sustainably double the income of 1- Lakh small and marginal farmers in the backward highland regions of the State.

  • APC aims to establish the model of Agriculture Production Cluster (APC) in 40 backward Blocks of the State, as an effective method to organize production system and services of markets.