Farmers Collectives

  • The primary producers will form the collective known as Producer Groups.
  • Around 150 Farmers are organized into one Producer Group (PG) and facilitated to practice synchronized market linked production of selected horticultural crops covering around 40 acres
  • 20-25 PGs having 3000 to 5000 farmers will be aggregated to form the Producers Company (PC). 30 such Producers companies (PC) will be promoted in 40 Blocks involving around 650 Producer groups covering 100,000 farmers.
  • role right from the inception stage ensuring greater accouEach PG comprises of around 150 farmers across 1-4 contiguous villages that practice synchronized production of 2-3 commodities/crops per season. This decentralized approach to creating PGs significantly reduces institutional management load. It also ensures that smallholder farmers play an active leadership ntability and ownership at the community level.
  • Whereas PC helps in creating mechanisms to provide different support services such as (a) setting up market eco-system, (b) create / manage irrigation facilities, (c) support small holders to access MSP, Crop Insurance services, (d) access new technologies for production, (e) institutional strengthening of PGs, and (f) support farmers to avail different provisions of the Government.