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NPM - Less Input Cost with High Return

Dhekalmunda is a tribal village in Kantamal block under Boudh District.  The 65 families reside in the village mostly depend on farming, daily wages, collection of NTFP, poultry bird rearing, goat rearing. Almost all families rear country birds, goat and few cattle, which provides additional income With the technical guidance of PRAN a pilot programme NPM started in the village with the objective to enable resource poor farmers for preparation and application of easy-to-prepare liquid/solid forms of organic/microbial formulations in the kitchen garden to produce healthy food for domestic consumption and marketing

In the above context, YCDA started educating the households on low cost sustainable agricultural practices and providing hand holding support on establishing organic micro-enterprises at community level.  In the beginning, two villages - Dhekalmunda and Fatamunda identified. 100 families from the villages selected for practicing NPM in Paddy, pulses and vegetable cultivation. Later on the households has been educated on basic principles of uses of NPM, merits/demerits and related materials for preparation. Following this, one farmers group have been formed to carry forward the extension and replication of NPM.

Presently 100 farmers in the two villages -Dhekalmunda and Fatamunda are preparing NPM like Bakramrit, Jeevamrit, Dhanjeevamrit, Agniastra, Neemastra, Nirgundiastra, Mathastra etc. for their own use and commercial purpose. More and more farmers are now purchasing such NPM materials from the farmers as they realise such practise has reduced their input cost and increased their farm outputs.