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Natural farming back to farmer life, a story of Boipariguda block

Farmers of Kupuliguda Village under Kollar Gram Panchayat, Boipariguda block practicing fertilizer and compost based agriculture cultivation in vegetable, Paddy and other agriculture produces.  Though, it is always nice to hear that tribal are friendly on chemical free agriculture but the glory of natural farming slowly lost in this areas. Villagers were gradually being acquainted with the chemical based agriculture because of easy availability and user friendliness.When CYSD launched APC project in this village, the organisation emphasized on NPM based practises. Following several meetings of the women farmers, Pragati Producer Group was formed consisting of 4 adjacent villages including Kupuliguda village.

More sensitization and orientation meeting followed around organizational management, crop planning, PoPs, NPM, in order to raise interest among the farmers on organic cultivation. Finally, 45 members were identified having keen interest in NPM, who would be practicing NPM in a sustainable manner. Capacity building programme conducted for these members on NPM (manure, bio-fertilizer, micronutrients and pest management) preparation, practice and treatment from locally available sources.Lead farmer of community Kamakala Bhumia and Tulusha Bhumia started demonstration of NPM activity which slowly replicated by other farmers in the group. 8 acres of Brinjal and 6 acres of tomato cultivated by PG members in their respective land.  Beejamruta is used for (seed treatment) & Jebamruta use as (fertilizer).

Apart from applying the organic matter to vegetables, the left out fertilizer used in planted mango trees that covered in 10.5 acres and millet in 5 acres land. Though, natural farming and organic practices are age old farming systems practised in this part by the tribal farmers since ages, the emergence of hybrid culture with chemical fertilizer and pesticide has almost invaded the entire agriculture scenario. This attempt will really create conducive environment for restoring the lost faith of the farmers on organic and natural farming system.