Synchronized Production

  • “APC model” is based on the hypothesis that the right knowledge, tools, and market ecosystem linkages can recreate synergistic demand and supply conditions in agricultural societies still practicing subsistence agriculture; leading to the creation of thriving agricultural production clusters in a much shorter time frame.
  • APC is a self-regulated Farmer Producer organization (FPO) of approximately 3,000-5,000 smallholder farmers in a defined area, who synchronize production of a common basket of commodities to create a marketable surplus and build ecosystem to provide various services required for the farmers in a sustained manner. Each APC (1-2 blocks) comprises of around 20-25 PGs where coordinated production, primary level value addition and vibrant collectives to manage and avail different services
  • Selection of winner crop considering small holder farmer’s suitability, agro ecological compatibility and market attractiveness.
  • Collective Nursery
  • Batch-wise Planting
  • Enhancing productivity through improved technologies and ensuring micro practices
  • Orchard with intercrop
  • NPM based intervention covering 40% families